Are you suffering from lower back pain? You might have Sciatica


You might be suffering from a critical medical condition known as sciatica…

If your lower back pain is associated with the lower vertebrae, you might be suffering from a critical medical condition known as sciatica.

Lumbor radiculopathy (the scientifically given name of the sciatica), occurs when the plates or disks of the backbone are pressing any of your sciatica nerve – (which is the largest and probably the most important nerve of the human body.)

The pain caused by this medical condition is not limited to the pain in the lower back, in fact, you can feel pain in your legs, and in severe cases it can even make it impossible for you to do any physical activity because the intensity of the pain becomes unbearable. Moreover, it can lead you towards other medical emergencies like severe pain in the back, numbness, or tingling.

Mostly, this medical issue is seen in the people of age 40 plus. This problem is very rare in the adults, teenagers, and kids.

The main reason behind nerve pressing is your lower back issues that your body is suffering from. This situation mostly occurs because of the herniated disks which results in sciatica.

Most of the doctors believe that sciatica isn’t a medical condition instead they consider it a symptom and warning to the upcoming lower back issues that the patient might observe in the near future. Therefore, it is mandatory to have an active look on the lower back pain – don’t neglect it.

The most important and authentic symptom of the sciatica is the pain that travels downward from your lower back to your buttock. In some cases, it can extend its radiation from lower back to the knee, or sometime it travels to the end of the leg i.e. foot. In the beginning, this pain isn’t very severe but it gets worse with the passage of time and patients observes more and more pain.

MRI or X-Ray is the best way to get to know the causes of the lower back or leg pain. You must immediately consult your doctor for a proper treatment.

There’s no magical remedy to cure sciatica immediately and to get the immediate results. However, there are few remedies that are designed to give some relief to the patient so that he/she could continue his/her daily routine.


Icing is an ancient way of treating pain but it still works. Apply it to the affected area or origin of the pain. It will immediately reduce the pain to a certain degree and you will feel relaxed.

Appropriate Stretching:

I know, it’s a bit difficult to stretch out when you are already in the pain. But, it is helpful. Prefer consulting your doctor before stretching because your doctor will teach you the best stretching considering the level of pain and your physical condition.

Pain Killers:

Pain killer pills can also be used to get rid of the pain but, do remember that these are not the ultimate solution. You must consult your doctor before taking any kind of pills. Pain killers will have their effect for a certain period of time. After that, you will again feel same kind of pain and turbulence, therefore, never take a pain killer without the doctor’s recommendation.


There’s no restriction in trying out some other forms and ways to keep your mind and body relaxed, in good shape, and most importantly away from the pain. You must try massages. You can count on yoga. Moreover, acupuncture isn’t a bad approach. All of these are better when compared with the painkillers because they at least have no side effect.  Moreover, many people claimed a certain amount of relief after adopting these key fixes – best of luck to you too!


If you have observed no change in the consistency and intensity of the pain, surgery is the final solution to your problem. It is the ultimate choice for the patients who are feeling the fact that their pain is increasing day by day and all of their efforts to adopt a non-surgical treatment are going in vain.

The surgery isn’t very complex but the healing period is…! The patient cannot do any physical activity for few months because of the surgery, however, once the wounds are healed and your doctors allows you, you can spend your life the way you were spending before the surgery.

Sciatica is something that can become a really minor problem or it can take shape of a really major problem that can lead you towards the surgery. It depends upon you and your time to consult the doctor. If you have consulted your doctor at very early stage, I assure you it will be a minor issue for you. But, if you have contacted the doctor very late it can cause some serious issues and unfortunately, it can lead you towards surgery.

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