25+ Things That Only Happen When It’s Really Hot Outside

Source: brightside.me

The highest recorded temperature ever on the earth is 134°F according to Guinness book of the world records. It’s deadly enough to cause blisters on the body just by standing in that environment. And colder temperatures can cause troubles too.

As the summer is approaching here at Bright Side we decided to pick some photos showing the extreme heat and its consequences.

When it’s really hot outside, but you still need attention:

Lions are fed frozen blood during a heatwave in Melbourne.

Just one bite please…

“Cracked two eggs in a pan and left them outside for three hours.”

“During the heatwave, I froze my dog’s toys in a pot of water.”

When it’s really hot but you have to use the computer:

I knew I’d find you here. Sure, totally normal for a sheep to drink water like that.

This guy has so many fans, like literally.

Heatwave in India melts pavement.

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